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This Month with Community Curator:

Treasures From the Creeks by Stewards of Cootes Watershed

Stewards of Cootes Watershed is a local non-profit, working to improve the health and biodiversity of Cootes Paradise and the creeks that flow into it. Their volunteers have removed over 316,000 lbs of garbage from the Cootes Watershed. The debris forms barriers or contributes pollutants that degrade habitat for fish and wildlife. Volunteers occasionally come across unexpected and peculiar ‘treasures’. A collection of the oldest and oddest items are currently on display, including a mid-1960s skateboard, a typewriter from the ‘50s, a number of old car parts, and a set of filthy dentures!

In 2017, they will be continuing their efforts to clean up the Cootes Watershed, while expanding into new areas with the launch of a sister program – the Stewards of Red Hill Watershed. To learn more about the program and get involved, visit their website ( or send them a message (

Do you have a story to tell or a collection to share with the public? If so, you should consider becoming a Community Curator!

Our collections management team will bring out the curator in you! Individuals, classes, families, and organizations are all welcome to participate. We will help you present your treasures in a professional manner and publicize your exhibit, so you can invite your friends and family. The Dundas Museum & Archives is your community museum and we want you to be a part of the action!

Contact Curator & General Manager Kevin Puddister at 905.627.7412 or email from the contact page for more information.