In the Feature Gallery

Duty and Glory: A Salute to the 77th Wentworth Regiment

September 23, 2017 – February 17, 2018



The 77th Wentworth Regiment was a Dundas based Volunteer Military Light Infantry formed in 1872, with companies located all around Wentworth County. This exhibit will explore the Regiments rich civic history through their exceptional Rifle Shooting and their award winning Regimental Band. Discover the valiant stories of Dundas Men, their noble engagement with the community and their honourable fight in World War 1.

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In the Education Centre Gallery

Seeing and Feeling Reflections Presented by Rick McKenzie, Rob Robichaud, Rolph King



Rick, Rob and Rolph came together several years ago through a mutual desire to photograph the natural aspects of the Niagara escarpment, specifically the many  magnificent local waterfalls.

Since that time we have concentrated our focus on more than just the beauty of moving water but on what we each see and feel in this liquid medium.  By exploring our inner feelings along with the play of light on rivers, lakes, still ponds and puddles in the form of reflections, we have attempted to express something personal yet tied to a common theme.

Rolph’s abstract reflective photography, Rob’s selective focal and exposure techniques and Rick’s use of composite imagery have each contributed in a different way to our vision and fascination with water.  In many respects these images continue to highlight our beautiful region in our own unique fashion.