Dundas Museum Community Gardens

In the summer of 2017, the Museum underwent an ambitious landscaping rejuvenation. The project included the installation of new walkways, beautiful flower beds, as well as fresh sod and a watering system. We encourage everyone to stop by and see the wonderful changes. The Museum is grateful for generous contributions from Sunny Skies Property Services and 8 Days a Week Sprinklers.


You may have noticed a new feature at the corner of Park Street West and Albert Street. No it isn’t a giant sewing machine, in fact it’s a historic punching and shearing machine, made in Dundas by John Bertram & Sons Co. in 1904. The machine was made for Goldie & McCulloch Co., now Babcock & Wilcox Canada in Cambridge and operated until the 1980’s. The machine was originally used for metal working to make water wheels, flax mills, tannery machines, and boilers. It was donated to the Museum from its previous location at Southworks Outlet Mall.


At our 2018 Friend’s of the Museum Annual Meeting, three Bertram descendants presented the Bertram’s Steam Hammer at the Park Street entrance of the Museum. Built at the Bertrams’ Shop on Hatt St. in the 1930s, it was first used to manufacture much-needed supplies during WWII. It was later sold to Stelco, where it was in use until the 1980s. It was donated to the Museum by the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology in 2017.




Come Join our Garden Elves!

If you are interested in spending some time outside with a fun group, we welcome you to get involved as garden volunteers or to visit the Dundas Museum and spend time in the gardens.