About Our Collections

The Dundas Museum & Archives houses more than 16,000 artifacts and over 30DSCF4278 metres of documents, spanning the entire history of the Dundas Valley – from 150 million year old calcite crystals, to digital photos taken for Dundas Hockeyville 2010! These valuable resources can tell us the stories of how we used to live and who we have become over time.

Our extensive collection of vintage everyday objects – from tools to toys, and from furniture to fashion – tells us about vanished ways of life. We are also the stewards of one of Ontario’s best collections of early First Nations artifacts related to the Neutral People of the Valley. Some of our other collection strengths include both decorative, and fine arts.

Our rich archival collections includes historical records such as letters, diaries, photographs, newspapers, maps, and account books. These documents give us a firsthand glimpse of the activities and thoughts of people from the last two centuries. The Museum is proud to be the custodian of the records of the former Town of Dundas (1847-2000) which chart the development of our community over more than 150 years.

The Photograph Collection consists of over three thousand photographic prints and negatives, of which more than eight hundred are searchable and available online.

Together, our collections form an important source of understanding about the social, political, architectural and economic history of our region.