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Welcome to the Museum’s Resources page for at-home learning and activities that explore Dundas. The links below will connect you with activities and explorations of Your Historical Dundas plus videos from our Live from the Museum and Live from the Vault series and much more.


Discover Your Historical Dundas

Discover the history of our homes, buildings,
and public spaces with this interactive map.
Make sure to share a story of your own.


Documenting COVID-19
Documenting COVID-19 

The Dundas Museum is collecting stories
of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
in Dundas. Help us record this unique time
in history with your experiences, photographs
and more.



Visit our featured videos here or go to DM+A’s YouTube Channel for other interesting explorations in the museum or about some of our uniquely Dundas artifacts. 

Virtual Dundas Museum Vault Tour

LIVE FROM THE VAULT! Virtual Dundas Museum Vault Tour

A Century Ago Virtual Tour

Live Tour of I Spy Dundas

I Spy Dundas Museum Tour Video



Nothing to do? Play around in our Activities Centre where you can play-away your boredom from your own home. The activities below are designed for the enjoyment of the young and old to learn more about the history and community of Dundas.

Timeline Challenge

Timeline Challenge

We present to you twenty key events in the
history of Dundas. It is your mission to
assemble a timeline. Can you discover in
which order these events occurred?

Dundas Puzzles 

Can you put the artifacts back together?
Start off with a 36 piece depiction of artifacts
from our Victorian collection or challenge
yourself to an epic 300 piece puzzle of
Webster’s Falls! 

Dundas Colouring Pages

Free printable colouring book download

Dundas Colouring Pages 

Whether you want to relieve stress or
express your creativity, colouring is a great
activity for both children and adults.
Download the Dundas Museum colouring
pages and make sure to share your work
with us!

Dunda Bingo

Discover the historic landmarks you stroll
past each day. While out and about, take
photographs to help document our community.

Virtual Made in Dundas

Five activities to celebrate Made
in Dundas from home.

I Spy Dundas Game

Click the image to play the game!

I Spy Dundas

Discover the hidden objects and artifacts in the I Spy Dundas secret files. Look around, stay and play a little while to seek and find the hidden treasures in the Dundas Museum’s latest game. Click here for answers!



Genealogy Resources

Genealogy Resources

Ponder your roots with these free online
genealogical resources, compiled for you
in celebration of Archives Awareness Week!

Filming in Dundas

Dundas has appeared on screen numerous
times over the past several decades, often
as the backdrop of a quaint small town.
Walk the streets of our community with these
movies and television shows, including one
filmed at the Dundas Museum & Archives!

Museum Virtual Tours

Museum Virtual Tours

Travel across Canada and around the globe
with this selection of virtual tours we have
compiled for you. With a plethora of online
resources at your disposal, it has never been
easier to discover more about our history
from the comfort of your home.