Dundas Central School class

Name/Title: Dundas Central School class
Date: 1929

Item consists of a black and white photographic print of the Dundas Central School Entrance Class of 1929, with teacher G.A. Manson, B.A.

Students identified: H. Brant; W. Saunders; N. Smith; A. Lowndes; A. Green; P. Greenham; A. Reid; H. Jerome; J. Finlayson; M. Davies; E. Plank; A. Hood; E. Newcombe; J. Morrow; H. Main; N. Barker; D. Gray; I. Fisher; G. George; F. Eagles; R. Jerome; T. Moss; G. Taylor; R. Smith; H. Barrett; D. Lowndes; J. Smith; F. Westaby [Westoby]; H. McDonald; J. Angle; C. Grant; H. Wilson; H. McMurrich; J. Fleming; A. Chatland; C. Tate; J. Dickson; J. Borman; H. Smuck.

Object Number: P-0813
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