Group Portrait - Dundas Park

Name/Title: Group Portrait - Dundas Park
Date: [1906]

Item consists of a black and white photographic print depicting a group photograph taken at Dundas Park; 45 individuals are named and indicated by corresponding numbers.

1. [Unknown], 2. Miss Gahagon, 3. E. A. L. Clarke, 4. Miss Brant, 5. Pete Murphy, 6. Miss Lavender, 7. Miss Brant, 8. Miss Manning, 9. Frank Lavender, 10. Fred Brant, 11. Andy Fleming, 12. Fred Martlin, 13. [Uknown], 14. Bill Davidson, 15. Miss Lavender, 16. Miss Higgins, 17. Miss Payne, 18. [Unknown], 19. John Ferguson, 20. Angus Martin, 21. Art Wilson, 22. John McManamy, 23. Walter Laing, 24. Fred Thornton, 25. [Unknown], 26. Miss Taylor, 27. Annie Wilson, 28. [Unknown], 29. [Unknown], 30. [Unknown], 31. Greta Fleming, 32. Jean Falconer, 33. [Unknown], 34. [Uknown], 35. Miss Gahagon, 36. Florence Brant, 37. Miss Lane, 38. [Unknown], 39. Minnie Coughlin, 40. [Unknown], 41. Mrs. Peter Murphy, 42. Miss Fleming, 43. Miss Manning, 44. Miss Wilson, 45. [Unknown].

Object Number: P-3937
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