March Break Activities @ the Museum - First Settlers of the Valley

First Settlers of the Valley

Who were the first European settlers of Coote’s Paradise? Where did they come from and why were they refugees to Canada? What made the valley of Dundas so attractive as a place to settle? Who was the Governor of Governor’s road? Why was it built and how did Dundas get its name? This presentation will acquaint you with the tragic story of Anne Morden, whose family first settled Dundas. You will also learn about the workings of a saw mill and a gristmill, the first industries of the valley town. Ages 10+.

90 minute presentations at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm.


All Week Long: Pick up your copy of Valley Town Crossword Puzzle. Find all your answers in the DM+A’s Cradled in the Valley: Stories of Dundas Gallery.