March Break Activities @ the Museum - Games and Toys of Early Settler Children

Games and Toys of Early Settler Children

When their chores were all done, how did youngsters 220 years ago entertain themselves? There were no stores, no plastic and no batteries! What kinds of toys did they make for themselves? Are there any games they played that young people still play today? Come and try your hand at “Cup ‘n Ball,” “Ninepins,” and “Jacob’s Ladder.” Join in a game of “Hot-Buttered Beans” or “The Big Wind Blows.” You’ll also have the chance to make a “whirligig” or a “corn-husk” doll to take home with you. All ages. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, anytime.


All Week Long: Pick up your copy of Valley Town Crossword Puzzle. Find all your answers in the DM+A’s Cradled in the Valley: Stories of Dundas Gallery.