Current Exhibitions

On-going in the First Gallery

First Gallery Natural History

Natural History

Featured in our First Gallery is the ever-popular kid’s zone, an interactive room featuring all you need to know on pre-European Dundas. The gallery features a climbing wall shaped into the Dundas Peak with a mural looking down into the town. Kids can go wild touching and exploring our habitat drawers and discovering some of the creatures they share the valley with!



On-going in the First Gallery

The Neutrals of the Valley

The second gallery features a scaled cross-section of an indigenous First Gallery Longhouselonghouse, a dwelling similar to that that the Neutrals, the first people in the valley, would have lived in. Visitors can sit and read about how the Neutrals lived, or explore the many ways our cultures were similar, and how they differed. On display in the gallery is also a portion of the Museum’s indigenous archaeological collection, including pottery from the Late Haudenosaunee Period (900-1650 A.D.) and projectile points from the Late Paleo-Indian Period (8,000 B.C.)


On-going in the Main Gallery



Welcome to Dundas! Our Main Gallery presents a look back at the history of our town illustrated by a collection of remarkable artifacts from our vault. Over its two-hundred-year history, Dundas has been a frontier home for Loyalist refugees, a bustling Victorian canal town, a volatile hotbed of rebel sedition, and so much more! Whether you come to relive memories or to learn anew, our ever-changing space is bound to lead you to new discoveries.


Funding for the main gallery was provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation(OTF). The OTF is an agency of the Government of Ontario, and one of Canada’s leading granting foundations. OTF awarded more than $120 million to some 700 projects last year to build healthy and vibrant communities in Ontario. Learn more about the project  here: Press Release Trillium Grant


Feature Gallery

Tavern Town: Dundas On Tap
May 25 – September 14


Join us to explore the vibrant history of brewing in the valley city in our upcoming exhibit Tavern Town: Dundas on Tap. The streets of Dundas once played host to a staggering number of famous (and infamous) drinking emporiums and groggeries. Their swinging signs and painted awnings read Riley House, Bucks Head Inn, The Red Lion, St. George and Dragon, Collins Hotel and many more. From the taverns which formed the centre of town commerce, to the bars and bashes that defined the leisure time of generations, brewing and drinking have been a driving force in the culture of Dundas since the very beginning.





The Dundas Museum and Archives gratefully acknowledges the City of Hamilton City Enrichment Fund for its support of our Exhibition Program.



 In the Education Centre Gallery

Travels in Landscape by Jenny Angold
June 29 – August 10

Jenny Angold was born in the U.K. and moved to Canada with her son in Dec. 2008.  Although she always loved to draw, she didn’t take up painting until 1989.  She trained in England taking a B.A. course in Fine Art at West Surrey College of Art in Farnham, Surrey. (Now “The University for the Creative Arts”).

Her work is mainly concerned with the exploration of light, colour, and textures—capturing the mood and spiritual essence of the subject. The interplay of subject matter, materials and herself are all part of the process in making the finished picture.

The inspiration usually comes from her love of the landscape and its natural beauty and changing light.  She uses colour to suit her mood and that of the subject rather than following exactly what is in front of her.

This exhibition is about her travels to Newfoundland and Ireland, and the local landscape. You will see she also travels in her paintings -pushing some of the subject matter beyond the boundaries and into abstraction.

Travelling Exhibit

A War Without End

What happened when three young men left their homes to serve their country? The travelling exhibition A War Without End shares the Great War experiences of three Dundas boys. Their compelling stories have a local connection and prompt conversations about service, sacrifice, community, and family.

Each soldier’s story is told through an introductory panel, a life-size photographic reproduction of the soldier, and two retractable banners containing text and images of archival documents, photographs and artifacts from the Museum’s collection. They are portable and easy to set up.

The exhibit is available free of charge and can be borrowed individually or together. Perfect for schools, retirement homes, community centres, libraries, or other public spaces.

Contact the Museum at 905.627.7412 or email Sandra for more information.

James Knowles Bertram

Leonard Halliday Bertram

Charles Mitson




The Dundas Museum and Archives gratefully acknowledges the City of Hamilton City Enrichment Fund for its support of our Archives Community Outreach Program.