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On-going in the First Gallery

First Gallery Natural History

Natural History and First Nations

Featured in our First Gallery is the ever popular kids zone, an interactive room featuring all you need to know on pre-European Dundas. The gallery features a climbing wall shaped into the Dundas Peak with a mural looking down into the town. Kids can go wild touching and exploring our habitat drawers and discovering some of the the creatures they share the valley with!



Across the room the gallery features a scaled cross section of a First First Gallery LonghouseNations Longhouse, a dwelling that the Neutrals, the first people in the valley, might have lived in. Visitors can sit and read about how the Neutrals lived, or explore the many ways our cultures were similar, and how they differed. On display in the gallery is also a portion of the Museum’s First Nations collection, including pottery from the Late Iroquoian Period (900-1650 A.D.) and projectile points from the Late Paleo-Indian Period (8,000 B.C.)

On-going in the Permanent Gallery

Cradled in the Valley: The Stories of Dundas

Discover the stories of Dundas through the years. Imagine the valley at the time of the First Nations’ settlement. Find inspiration in the spirit of the Morden family who were the first European settlers in the area. Follow the industrial rise and fall of Dundas and see what the Desjardins Canal would have looked like. Learn what life would have been like for children and adults in the 19th and 20th centuries. Cradled in the Valley celebrates the town of Dundas and its citizens.

Main Gallery

Feature Gallery

Patriarch Robert Whale began his illustrious career as a portrait painter and copyist in his native Southern England. At the age of forty-seven, Whale emigrated with his large family to Burford, near Brantford. Due to low demand for commissioned works in his new home,Whale began to paint landscapes to enter the fall fairs. He won substantial sums of money in these local fairs,and eventually became well known for his landscapes of Dundas, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, and the surrounding areas.

Today, all Robert Whale’s known works are housed in various museums.Two of his sons, John and Robert, as well as his nephew John Hicks Whale, later achieved their own artistic fame . The family eventually amassed a large collection throughout their lives. We are enthusiastic to present a selection of these works in our upcoming feature exhibition!

The exhibition will be on display from June 24 to September 2, 2017.




The Dundas Museum and Archives gratefully acknowledges the City of Hamilton City Enrichment Fund for its support of our Exhibition Program.






Education Centre Gallery

The Get Real! Artists Group Presents: Keeping it Real

August 10 – September 23

The Get Real! Artists Group is a guild of six professional fine artists based in Canada with a passion for portraiture, landscapes, still life, and wildlife.

We work in the style of classical realism, using traditional drawing and painting techniques that we have acquired after years of formal academic training and professional practice. We strive for the highest standards of quality in all aspects of painting: line, form, value, colour, composition and materials.  Our aim is to create works of art that are worthy of being treasured by family and friends, and that are capable of lasting for generations to come.

For more information, see their website at

Three Artists for Jade 

On display from August 5 – September 2

Our beautiful little three year-old has a happy smile for all. The hard thing is that Jade was born with a very rare, spontaneous, genetic mutation called Aicardi Syndrome that only affects girls. This syndrome is marked by agenisis of the corpus callosum (partially formed only) and many seizures on a daily basis. These factors – especially the seizures – cause developmental delay in varying degrees. As a result, speaking and walking are major issues in her development. The medications that help to control, but not yet eliminate, her seizures are expensive. So too are the therapies that could help control the seizures and help to overcome the delay in walking. The therapies (acupuncture and a specialized physio-therapy called Move to Learn) are becoming prohibitive without financial help. That is why this Art for Jade fundraiser is so important and we thank you for your support.

NEW!  Travelling Exhibit

A War Without End

What happened when three young men left their homes to serve their country? The travelling exhibition A War Without End shares the Great War experiences of three Dundas boys. Their compelling stories have a local connection and prompt conversations about service, sacrifice, community, and family.

Each soldier’s story is told through an introductory panel, a life-size photographic reproduction of the soldier, and two retractable banners containing text and images of archival documents, photographs and artifacts from the Museum’s collection. They are portable and easy to set up.

The exhibit is available free of charge and can be borrowed individually or together. Perfect for schools, retirement homes, community centres, libraries, or other public spaces.

Contact the Museum at 905.627.7412 or email Sandra for more information.

James Knowles Bertram

Leonard Halliday Bertram

Charles Mitson




The Dundas Museum and Archives gratefully acknowledges the City of Hamilton City Enrichment Fund for its support of our Archives Community Outreach Program.