Feature Exhibition

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In the Education Centre Gallery

Travels in Landscape by Jenny Angold
Opening June 29

Jenny Angold was born in the U.K. and moved to Canada with her son in Dec. 2008.  Although she always loved to draw, she didn’t take up painting until 1989.  She trained in England taking a B.A. course in Fine Art at West Surrey College of Art in Farnham, Surrey. (Now “The University for the Creative Arts”).

Her work is mainly concerned with the exploration of light, colour and textures—capturing the mood and spiritual essence of the subject. The interplay of subject matter, materials and herself are all part of the process in making the finished picture.

The inspiration usually comes from her love of the landscape and its natural beauty and changing light.  She uses colour to suit her mood and that of the subject rather than following exactly what is in front of her.

This exhibition is about her travels to Newfoundland and Ireland, and the local landscape. You will see she also travels in her paintings -pushing some of the subject matter beyond the boundaries and into abstraction.