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Finding Your Way: Our History in Maps – August 3 – September 30



Discover the Valley Town through maps in our upcoming feature exhibition, Finding Your Way: Our History in Maps! The display will capture the Town of Dundas and the City of Hamilton from the early explorers to the current day.

Historically, maps have appeared in a variety of formats and served a vast array of functions, including for professional use, advertisements, for teaching purposes and works of art. Today, maps are everywhere, and even more accessible with the rise of smartphones. In this feature exhibition, we will challenge you to consider where maps came from and how they continue to shape our understanding of the world around us.

Finding Your Way will include a number of original maps from both our archival collection, as well as the collections of private collectors and other institutions. The exhibit will also include an interactive element, allowing visitors to search, explore and add to the online “Discover Your Historical Dundas” mapping project.

Do you have a map that captures Dundas or the wider region that could be an interesting addition to the exhibit? Visit dundasmuseum.ca/maps and let us know!

In the Education Centre Gallery

Lucas Scarfone Photography 

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Lucas Scarfone was introduced to high-end automotive culture at a very young age. Combining his passion for business, photography and cars, Lucas launched Scarfone Photography in 2007. His unique style and passion is evident in the spectacular work he creates. Lucas has traveled around the world shooting for clients at different race tracks, shows and special events. This summer photography exhibition will feature stunning shots of automotive classics and modern day supercars.