Feature Exhibition

A Century Ago Dundas in the 1920s
February 8 – May 23

Our first exhibit of the new year will also be our first exhibit of the 2020s decade! We will take this opportunity to look back at what life in our town was like one hundred years ago,
recreating historic spaces with hundreds of period artifacts from our permanent collections. The jazz age was defined by its bold reinvention of traditional design and decoration, but how much did this aesthetic revolution actually influence the look of our town? From the extravagant to the everyday, the distinct fashion of the decade will be on full display with stunning examples of period clothing and jewelry from our vault. The artistry of manufacturing is apparent in the deco furniture, telephones, radios, and other products which were being manufactured in the bustling

Dundas business sectors. Between buying a new straw hat at Grafton’s and picking up groceries at Laing’s, what would the average Dundasian see around them? Take a look through antique maps, city directories, and newspaper advertisements to recreate Dundas’ King Street shopping district as it looked in 1925. Take a closer look at authentic items from the time; men’s shaving equipment, a ladies’ vanity set, children’s toys, and kitchen gadgets for the ‘modern’ age.

As communications spread across the globe and made the world a little smaller, the 1920s became a world of entertainment. Town celebrations transformed the Driving Park into
a picturesque fairground, civic holidays brought cheering crowds out to witness parades of marching bands and fire brigades, and silent films flickered on the screen of the Majestic Theatre. Dundasians fell in love with the Charleston, Clara Bow, and Rudolph Valentino. View the artifacts which bring this vibrant age back to life!

In the Education Centre Gallery

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