Fashion to the Future Opens on Friday!

A fresh feature exhibition will be opening at the Museum just in time for spring! From March 23 until June 2, Fashion to the Future: Dundas Fashion 1960 – 2000 will be on display in the feature exhibition gallery.

Take a journey through time, as we explore fashion trends worn in Dundas throughout the late 20th century, from the groovy 1960s to the trendy 2000s. Join the discussion and discover how the clothing we wear is often dominated by larger global trends.

Fashion to the Future was created in collaboration with the Dundas community, showing an authentic picture of popular trends in the Valley Town. This exhibition explores how fun fashion can be and how style is constantly reinvented,” said Luke Stempien, Collections & Exhibitions Manager.

Remember that mini skirt, the disco white suit a la Travolta or that power suit with the shoulders of a linebacker? Those era defining outfits that you just had to have? Where did you get them?

Many pieces from the show were donated to the Museum from members of the community or loaned especially for this display. Artifacts such as a 100% polyester dress illustrate the revolution this newly engineered fabric had on the fashion industry. Designers loved that it could look like sheer silks, leather, or velvet while remaining affordable. Pieces by talented local designers are also highlighted.