Final Weeks- Dundas 175 Exhibition

As the summer draws to a close, so too does our Feature Exhibition Dundas175: What Dundas Means to Me. Don’t miss your chance to read reflections from current Dundas residents paired with artifacts, images and stories from 175 years of life in the Valley Town!

A call went out through social media, posters, and directly to organizations to request submissions based on the 1984 book What Dundas Means to Me by Phyllis Kramer and Anges Tassie, which features a collection of images and quotes by Dundas residents.

“It’s a precious time capsule of the year it was published, and my hope is that the submissions for this exhibit will serve as a similar record of Dundas in its 175th year…We’ve had so many responses, and they are all so genuine, witty, and meaningful that it is impossible to pick a favourite! …To me, Dundas is a magical sort of place, where the sense of community is so strong and the shared memories so vivid that the past can come to life in a fullness of detail that is exceptionally rare in the practice of local history.” – Exhibitions Coordinator Austin Strutt.

Experience this unique exhibition for yourself- it’s on display until September 10th, 2022!