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A black and white photograph of three young women in uniform and posing. On the back is written: 'From Girls Drill Corps (H.S.) Joan Caughill, Isabel Newton, Carol King Dundas Youth Recreation Three women of the Girls Drill Corps, in uniform and posing.'
A black and white photograph of the public school's  Girl's Hockey Team. Names of the players are as follows: Back Row: Miss M. Drover, Miss J.J. McMullen, R.S. Murray, Principal 2nd Row: Betty Millard, Grace Powell, Dorthy Apperly, Marilyn Cawfer Front Row: Winfred Cater, Patricia Jackson, Barbara Tate, Edith Dunn.
Item consists of a black and white photograph of a rugby team, ca. 1910-1912. On the back, the names of the team members are provided: Back row: Chas. Lawson; [_ Pardon]; G. Pirie; R.L. Clark; Clark McDermid; H. Overholt; E. Hourigan; B. Arthurs. Front Row: O. Bates; N. Reid; J. Faulkner; E. Clark; Frank Lavender; Ormiston Twiss; ?
A black and white photograph in a mat depicting the Dundas Football Club [Champions]. Printing on the ball below silver cup reads "Dundas F.C." Some players are named on the back of the mat: Fraink Albin, [Pete], W.M Hunter, Geo Wilson, WM Grundy, Robt Brown, [Airtre], Front: WM Hassem
A black and white photograph of the 1947 Dundas Centennial Lawn Bowling Tournament. The photograph is placed under a mat, on which is written "Lawn Bowling, Ladies' Day Tournament, Dundas Park, Wed., July 2nd, 1947."